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Web Site Development featuring Data-driven pages

Eniram Consulting features web site development concentrating on the data-driven environment. Not only is the page content data-driven, but we feature data-driven admin pages that frees you from being tied to the web developer for often-changing information on your site! We specialize in ColdFusion and ASP.NET solutions!

Although we are not a web hosting service, we can provide that as a part of a total package. Eniram Consulting is proud to use Host Nexxus as a hosting partner. Call or email us for an estimate!

PIC Software Development and Programming

Eniram Consulting is also involved with Peripheral Interface Controllers (PICs) from MicroChip. We have developed some custom software featuring digital temperature probes, LCD displays, and light detectors. Let us know your needs and we can either design a solution for your control application, or even program PICs from code you provide. Call or email for an estimate!

ASP.NET Programming

Eniram Consulting is expanding it's expertise in the ASP.NET programming environment. Look for new applications soon!

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